Everything You Need to Know: The Draw System


Understandably, we get a lot of questions about entry numbers and our draw process for giveaways so we’ve created this one-stop guide to answer everything you need to know! Let’s delve into it:

Draw Systems Past

Previously, we’ve used a traditional paper draw system to pick the winners of our giveaways. Every entrant would have their name and contact number printed out x number of times depending on how many entries they purchased. We would then cut these all to the same size using a special laser cutter, put them all into a giant barrel and pull out the winner by hand. After using this draw system for a few years, we received feedback from our members calling for a new system to address concerns that they couldn’t be sure if their name was in the barrel. Taking this feedback onboard, we decided it was time for a new and improved system…

Entry Number Allocation

These days, we use a system that automatically allocates entry numbers at random. When you make a purchase, our system recognises how many entries you need and assigns the correct amount of random 6-digit combinations to your account. These are sent to you via email and also added to your online account in the ‘My Dashboard’ section. Can’t find your entry numbers? It can sometimes take up to 12 hours for your entry numbers to be generated, but if you still can’t locate them after this, feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Since January 2024, all draws have an entry range of 000,001 to 999,99C. We added letters A, B & C in order to extend the range. Within this range, not all numbers are allocated to an entrant. This means that it’s possible for us to draw a number that belongs to no one and what happens then you may ask? We simply redraw! We’ll keep redrawing until we find a combination that is allocated to an entrant, and they’ll be the winner.

Ball Draw Machine

To pick the winning entry number, we use an Air Mix Ball machine. Our machine has 6 chambers, with the first through fifth chambers containing numbered balls 0-9 and the last chamber containing 0-9 plus A-C. Once we’ve got the machine all set up and our live stream on Facebook running, we hit the big draw button and all the numbered balls fly around in the chamber. One ball is then sucked into the tube at the top of each chamber and these balls are locked off to form the winning entry number. Jake then enters the combination into our system on the big screen to find the winner!

The first number we pick is for the winner of the major prize, usually a car. Once we find out the winner’s name, Jake can search for their contact number and we call them immediately on the live stream to deliver the good news and capture their reaction on camera. If the winner doesn’t pick up we give them another call later in the day and if that doesn’t work, we don’t redraw the winner. All of our giveaways have a 90 day leeway period for the winner to get in contact with us and claim their prize. So we leave countless messages and emails to try and get in touch with them. If we don’t hear from them after the 90 days, we will redraw the prize with all the original entry numbers and those who were in the draw will have another chance. Keep in mind that this has never happened in the history of Motor Culture.

Runner Up Prizes

After we draw the major prize and attempt to contact the winner, we draw the runners up. Second prize is usually a $1000 eftpos gift card and third prize is a Diamond Membership that gives the winner entries into one of our upcoming draws of their choice. We don’t contact these winners on the live stream for the sake of keeping the live video short, but we do send them an email to congratulate them and let them know how to redeem their prizes.

Q: Is it possible for someone to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize?
A: Yes, as all numbers remain in the draw, it is possible for one person to win all of the prizes (although highly unlikely).

So far, we’ve never had someone win multiple prizes in the same draw but we have had someone win multiple times in different draws. We’ve had a few members win runner up twice and we’ve had a few members win a major prize in one draw and be runner up in another. More recently, VIP Member Andrew from Tasmania was lucky enough to win the major prize twice within a matter of months! In late 2023, he took home a limited-edition i30n and then in January 2024, he won the Ineos Grenadier draw. That’s some luck!

Stay Safe

Unfortunately during our live streamed draw videos we often have scam accounts reply to your comments and questions with a link saying that you’ve won. We try our best to ban these accounts straight away but when some fall through the cracks, please don’t click on their links or respond. For more information on scam accounts, checkout our Beware of Scam Accounts blog post. 

So that’s the rundown on Motor Cultures draw system. If you want to see it in action be sure to tune into our next live draw on our Facebook Page here. As always, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. 

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