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We live and breathe cars here at Motor Culture (and bikes.. or anything with a motor)! And we want to bring the car scene to not only the enthusiasts, but everyone. That’s why everyone is welcomed at our events, it doesn’t matter if you drive a Hot Rod Classic, a JDM, or a Supercar, we want you to be a part of our community.

We host our car show affectionately known as ‘Cars & Culture’, we run Track Days in a few states as well, and we host Open House on the 1st  Friday of every month at our very own MCA Showroom in Brisbane!

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Introducing the Golden Ticket! Getting your name in the draw is completely free! Simply attend one of our events, find the Golden Ticket, scan the QR code and register your details! We’ll send you a confirmation email plus your unique entry number. The more events you attend, the more entries you get in the draw and the more chance you have of taking home the $10,000. 

Cars & Culture

Cars & Culture is our signature car event where we bring the coffee & the good vibe back to the car community. Everyone is welcomed at our Cars & Culture events, whether you drive a Classic car, Super car, or 4×4, we want you to join us!

Our Cars & Culture is family friendly so we encourage you to bring your whole family including your furry best friend!


MCA festival of motorsport

In celebration of all things Motorsport, we we’re thrilled to host our biggest track event to date – Motor Culture Australia’s Festival of Motorsport, hosted at Queensland Raceway!

A 2 Day Festival with a non-stop lineup of entertainment both on and off track that kept the blood pumping all weekend! From the Rooftop Pop-Up Club to Driving Simulators and Free Haircuts, their was something for everyone. 

The Track hosted multiple categories over the weekend including Production Car Racing, Drifting, Sprints, Tarmac Rallies, Cruises and plenty of stunt shows and displays by the Skid Control Team. 

Motor Culture traCK FESTIVAL

Track Days are for those who want to take their car ownership experience one step further. As an extension of Car’s & Culture, our track days are unlike anything you’ve seen.

With live entertainment, Music, Commentary, Stalls and most importantly, a variety of on track events to ensure that everyone no matter your skill level has something to look forward too.

We’ve come along way since hosting our first car show with 50 cars in a carpark. Motor Culture is pioneering the way automotive events are run! And our Track Days are quickly becoming a fan favourite.

show room

Join us as we transform Motor Culture HQ into a haven for car enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and anyone with a passion for speed, style, and innovation. With Motor Culture Australia renowned for organising Australia’s premier car events, SHOW ROOM promises to exceed all expectations, delivering a sensory overload like never before.

Prepare to be transported into a world of automotive splendor, where every corner holds the promise of excitement and discovery. From the moment you step foot into SHOW ROOM, you’ll be immersed in an atmosphere unlike any other—a pulsating blend of excitement, anticipation, and pure automotive passion.

At the heart of SHOW ROOM lies an impressive lineup of famous supercars, ready to captivate your imagination. Marvel at the sleek lines, raw power, and sheer beauty of these automotive icons as they take center stage in our spectacular showcase.

Motor Culture Australia Members Enjoy:

Free Coffee + Food

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Discount on track days