MCA’s Liberty Walk Collection


Motor Culture Australia’s Liberty Walk Nissan GTR and Liberty Walk Toyota Supra are undoubtedly our most famous and coolest cars! In this blog, we invite you to dive deep into the stories behind the stars of our fleet, exploring the adventures that have shaped them into the iconic machines they are today.

So what actually is Liberty Walk?

Liberty Walk is one of the biggest names in automotive tuning and are most famous for their distinctive wide-body kits for high-performance sports cars. The Japanese company was founded in 2008 by Wataru Kato when he was just 26 years old and was influenced by old-school traditional Japanese custom car culture. Liberty Walk body kits are renowned for their exaggerated fender flares, custom bumpers and lowered stance plus custom wheel and tyre configurations to enhance the visual appeal and overall performance of the vehicle.

MCA's Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

MCA’s LBWK GTR was born in 2021, driven by pure passion. For Tom (Founder of Motor Culture), the Nissan GT-R was more than just a car; it was a childhood dream brought to life.The 2017 Nissan GTR was fitted with the Liberty Walk Silhouette Kit (Version 2), making it the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere at the time! The Silhouette kit is a full replacement kit which means that all of the car’s panels had to be taken off. Under the bonnet, we installed the iconic HKS GT1000 Full Turbine Kit which, if tuned, has the potential to produce 1000HP at the wheels. In terms of aesthetics, we hoped to achieve a stealthy, blacked-out look with the Brushed Black Metallic Vinyl from 3M and Gloss Black accents. Completing the picture, we installed the three-piece LB Works GTR Wheels that have an insane -80 rear wheel offset, resulting in a dish deep enough to fit Tom’s iPhone 12 Max lengthways!

We used the GTR for one of our giveaways in March 2021, giving one of our members a chance to win our beloved project car. Deep down, we had our fingers crossed that the winner would take the cash option and we’d be able to keep her for the start of MCA’s private collection, and that’s exactly what happened. Christian decided to take the $200,000 cash option, which he used to help get his partner residency in Australia. We did fly down to meet him, you can checkout the video here. 

After moving to our first showroom in Newstead, we felt it was time to give our GTR a new look that better showcased the extreme angles and contours of the body kit. To achieve this, the boys from WrapWise had to meticulously strip the existing wrap. Unfortunately due to complications with primer and paintwork underneath, the removal resulted in an uneven surface on the bodykit panels and therefore, they had to be sanded back to ensure a flawless canvas for the new vinyl. 

After going back and forth about new colours for the new wrap, we opted for the striking Super Gloss Miami Blue vinyl by Inozoteck. This bold choice not only breathed new life into our GTR but also allowed us to showcase its revamped aesthetics. To commemorate this exciting makeover, we collaborated with the renowned videographer Dated to create a captivating launch video that would capture the essence of our project. Check it out here. 

MCA's Liberty Walk Toyota Supra

After we got a taste for Liberty Walk vehicles, we couldn’t help ourselves and ordered another kit, this time for our Toyota Supra. In contrast to the GT-R, we went with the original style LB Works Kit which has the iconic exposed body kit fastening bolts. But just like the GT-R, this kit made our Supra 1 of 1 in the southern hemisphere at the time. In terms of engine work, the Supra has a stage 2 tune, pushing 450 HP and a Tneer Supra Exhaust with Catless downpipe. We also added BC Forged custom 20 inch rims. 

For aesthetics, we teamed up with Orafol and WrapWise to finish the car with ORACAL® 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast Film, Luscious Lips. We were absolutely thrilled with the result and used the Supra for another giveaway in November 2021. Fortunately, the winner of this giveaway also ended up choosing the cash option and so, our in-house Liberty Walk collection became two. 

Now, our Liberty Walk collection is housed in our new showroom at Morningside but they’re not just for show. We still take them out to a lot of our Cars & Culture events at the Gold Coast. And, if you’re wondering what’s next, stay tuned for GTR Version Three…

To checkout other work by Wrapwise or enquire about a wrap, checkout their website:

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