Top 3 Motorcycle Giveaways by Motor Culture Australia


It’s no secret that our aim here at Motor Culture Australia is to be a diverse and inclusive community. For that reason, when it comes to our giveaways, we don’t just stop at cars; we give away a mix of vehicles including bikes. Throughout Motor Culture Australia, we’ve hosted several bike draws, and in this blog, we’ll go through our top 3.

Like anything else, everyone tends to have a different taste and they look for something different in their bikes. So, we’ve left picking our top bike giveaways up to our community and based the results on the popularity of each draw. Starting with our 3rd most popular bike…

2022 Harley-Davidson Breakout
Drawn August 2022
Winner: Harry Flavell, VIC

The Harley Davidson Breakout, made with a low, drag-style design was one of Harley’s new and improved bike models with a noticeable improvement on the build quality. Starting with the Softail frame which is lighter and stronger allowing the Breakout models to drop around 15kg. With this weight reduction, the now 305kg, 1800cc bike pushes 93hp and 155nm of torque. This baby is powered by Harley’s classic Milwaukee Eight 114ci V-twin engine.

Harley’s are known for their classic appearance and this stays true throughout their Breakout models. Featuring a fat 240mm-wide, 18-inch back tyre, contrasted by the 130mm-wide, 21-inch front tyre – of course with high performance mono-shock rear suspension allowing for quick acceleration and braking.

2020 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Anniversary Edition
Drawn June 2022
Winner: Melissa Hickey, WA

Moving on to the 2nd most popular motorcycle Motor Culture Australia has given away; The Fat Boy Anniversary Edition. In celebration of 30 years of Fat Boys, Harley Davidson released a special edition model of the cruiser. This bike was a limited edition, they only made 2,500 of them and each one comes with it’s very own serial number plate on the fuel tank console.

The anniversary edition features a fully blacked out look inlcuding a black exhaust and black solid disc rims. Beautifully contrasted with subtle bronze tones in the engine bay, console, lower rocker covers, and timer cover script all sitting on the softail frame. Continuing a theme, this bike is also ran with a Milwaukee-Eight 114ci V-Twin engine. This pushes around 94hp and 156nm of torque.

Now that we’ve discussed the uniqueness of the Anniversary Edition Fat Boy, that brings us to our best Motor Culture Australia bike giveaway…

2020 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy
Drawn February 2022
Winner: Scott Barns, NSW

Our No.1 motorbike here at Motor Culture Australia is the classic Harley Davidson Fat Boy. The defining marks of the iconic bike are it’s wide handlebars with a massive chrome headlight housing, continuation of chrome details throughout the bike, it’s beefy silver solid disc Lakester rims and of course, some fat tires, and of course an exhaust that’ll have you heard for kilometres down the road!

Boasting 100hp and 160nm of torque with it’s V-Twin engine, this bike is an icon. It’s one of the most popular Harley cruisers to date and it sure is one to add to the collection if you ever get the chance!

So there you have it, Harley Davidson has taken out all 3 places in our top bike giveaways! We’re excited to see if this trend continues in our future draws. If you have suggestions on what bike we should giveaway next, we’d love to hear it!

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