Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Motor Culture Australia is an online motoring community offering benefits such as giveaways and events to our members

While our membership benefits might seem too good to be true, Motor Culture is definitely not a scam. We are a registered Australian business with an ABN (34 643 349 357) and permit numbers for all of our draws. Here is a list of winners and prize delivery videos:


We are always trying to make the checkout experience as easy as possible. We have recently introduced Apple Pay & Google Pay for express checkout.

Unfortunately, PayPal is not one of the payment gateways that we use at the moment however we can take your payment over the phone if you prefer 1800 512 490

The message you have received is from a fake/scam account. We never contact any of our winners on social media and we never ask our community for personal details via Instagram or Facebook. 

Please block and report the account that contacted you and do not click any links that they send you. For more info on scam accounts, checkout our blog post here. 

Our official Instagram accounts are @motor_culture_australia and 

The account is likely to be a scam if they are a private account, have very few posts, have requested to follow you or have very few likes on their posts. 

Our Facebook account is a business page and therefore we cannot send friend requests. If you receive a friend request from a Motor Culture Australia account, please block and report them. Find out more by checking out our blog post. 


All of our live draw videos start at 5:30pm AEST (Brisbane Time). 

We stream all of the draws live on our Facebook page. You can like our Facebook page to ensure you never miss a live stream!

All of our draws have an open invite to the public so feel free to drop into our showroom at 87 Dunhill Crescent, Morningside to watch it live!

You must be 18 or over to enter. Our draws are valid to all Australian states, excluding South Australia. Some recent changes in the gaming regulations in SA means we can longer offer our draws to the states residents. 

You can find your entry numbers in your online account here. Once logged in you’ll see your entry numbers on your Account Dashboard.

This is a promotional giveaway and NOT a raffle.

As we are conducting a trade promotional giveaway, we are not required to set a limit on the number of entrants. However we do cap each draw to give everyone the best chance of winning. You can find the entrant limit for each draw on their respective webpage. 

Yes. After a name is drawn out for a prize, that name is placed back into the barrel for all subsequent prizes. 

We stream all of our draws live on our Facebook page, you can watch these at anytime. We also update our website with a list of winners here. 

Yes, as per our permit requirements, we have a scrutineer present at all of our draws. 

No, we do not finance any of our promotional vehicles and we ensure that they have a clear title before they are given away. 

We added letters to extend the range of possible entry number combinations. This means we also added balls with letters into the last compartment of the ball machine.

Not every entry number will have a letter at the end, however they will all have an equal chance of being drawn!

VIP Subscription

Yes, your payment will be automatically debited from your card each month. You’ll get a confirmation email each time your payment is received with your receipt. 

As a VIP member, the entries that you earn accumulate. For example, a Standard VIP member ($39.99/month) gets 2 entries each month. So, in the first month of your membership, you receive 2 entries in every draw that we hold that month. Then, after your second payment, you will have 4 entries in every draw for that month. And then 6 entries after the third payment and so on… 

Yes, you can! Please access your online account here.

Once logged in, please go to ‘Subscription’ –> ‘View’ –> ‘Upgrade or Downgrade’ 

This will update your subscription level for the next payment cycle. 

Yes, you can cancel your VIP subscription at anytime. To cancel your VIP membership please log into your online account here. Go to ‘Subscription’ –> ‘View’ –> ‘Cancel’.

Please be very sure before cancelling as your accumulated entries will be reset to ZERO and you will be removed from all upcoming draws.

As a VIP member you are automatically entered into EVERY draw that we hold. To see how many entries you have in each draw please log into your online account page

If your subscription fails, you’ll receive and email from us to let you know. We will then automatically try a few more times over the following week. If all of these fail, your account will be placed on a temporary hold.

To make a payment, you’ll need to access your online account. Once logged in, please go to ‘Orders’ and pay for the most recent order. This will reactivate your subscription and re-instate all of your accumulated entries. 

You can update your payment details in your online account here.

Please go to ‘Subscription’ –> ‘View’ –> ‘Change Payment’ 

The member discounts can be accessed through your online account. Once logged in, please go to ‘Membership’ –> ‘View’ –> ‘View’ Members Discount


Open House is a monthly event held at our showroom in Morningside. On the first Friday of each month, from 5-7pm we open the showroom and fire up our racing simulators. Everyone is welcome and some food is provided. 

Cars & Culture is a car meet style event that we host all over the country. Everyone is welcome, we have a live DJ and also free food a coffee for members. Members can reserve VIP parking by sending us a message. Check our facebook page for the latest details.

Everyone is welcome at our events! You don’t need to be a member  to attend however members do receive special benefits such as free food and discounted tickets

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