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Coolest Cars and motorcycles Giveaways

We give away cars and motorcycles for our members to win

One of the biggest perks of being a member of Motor Culture Australia is we give away cool cars and motorcycles all year long. We have held some of the biggest automotive giveaways in Australia that have received a lot of phenomenal responses. Every Motor Culture Australia member will automatically go into the draw to potentially win one of these unique vehicles.

Automatic entry into our regular VIP Lucky draw

as long as you are in the current giveaway, you are automatically entered into our regular vIP lucky draw

Not only do we giveaway big ticketed prizes such as our HSV and Mustang, we also giveaway regular prizes such as gift cards and car gadgets on our social media and at our Cars & Culture events. Our VIP Lucky Draw is for all existing entrants who are in our current giveaway. There is nothing you need to do to enter into our VIP Lucky Draw, you will get automatic entries into every single VIP Lucky Draw as long as you’re in the current giveaway.

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Discount on parts and services with our partners

We have partnered up with businesses to give you exclusive discounts!

We have teamed up with leading businesses in the the automotive industry to give our members exclusive discounts on the parts and services our they offer. We also team up with big entertainment brand such as cinemas to give our members half price movie tickets!

Make money on cars and bikes

We have exclusive educational courses in development

We have flipped 30+ cars and motorcycles and we have made some big profits along the way. Most importantly, we had an absolute blast doing it! Being a Motor Culture Australia member, will get you access to our step by step videos on how we search for a profitable vehicle, how to negotiate a good deal, how we advertise it, and how we sell it! We also have an exciting brand new educational course coming so stay tuned!

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VIP Access to all of our events

You will experience Cars & culture, MCA Members Social nights, MCA club days from a new level

We eat, sleep, and breath cars and motorcycles. We team up with our awesome partners to put on some of the most amazing car meets and events which will give exclusive VIP access to our members. We host events regularly all over major Australian cities.

Huge savings on merchandise

Members get 50% off on our apparel.

Being a Motor Culture Australia member, you will receive a massive 50% off on our full line of merchandise. Get ready to be a part of something exciting!

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MCA Buyer's tools

We are developing the most powerful suite of tools, exclusively for our members, for vehicle related expenses

We developed (more to come soon!) a suite of tools and calculators for our members to use, for when they need to work out the real cost of buying and running a vehicle. Some of the powerful tools we are developing are: Vehicle Finance Calculator, Vehicle Depreciation Calculator, Vehicle Running Cost Calculator, Registration Calculator, etc.

Exclusive access to our original contents

MCA Friday's Forum, MCA Digital Artwork, Motor Culture Envisioned, MCA Blogs etc.

With MCA’s Friday Forum, you will always be up to date with the hottest automotive news in the country with weekly updates on everything new and exciting. You will also get to sit down with Tom and the team and see what’s going on behind the scenes every week. Including new developments, New projects and even hear some crazy stories from the team. But most importantly this is how you will get to know us on a much more personal level. 

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