Motor Culture Australia Is Verified by Meta!


The number of scam accounts is rising, as we see new fake Motor Culture accounts on Facebook and Instagram daily. These scammers use our logo as their profile picture, call themselves some misspelt variation of Motor Culture Australia, and repost some of our recent Facebook posts. Some scam accounts even reply to the comments under our posts with the message ‘You have won the major prize’ and a fake link. In conjunction with a ‘You have won’ message, this is the perfect recipe for preying on our unsuspecting members, seeking to steal their personal information and bank details.

Metas Verification Badge

Now, we can proudly announce that Meta verifies our Instagram and Facebook accounts with a blue badge. 

A verified account on meta platforms like Instagram and Facebook is a badge of authenticity and credibility granted to prominent public figures, celebrities, brands, and businesses. It signifies the authenticity and legitimacy of a business or organisation on the platform and confirms the account holder’s identity and differentiates us from imposters or unofficial accounts. It’s a game changer for our members, as they’ll be able to easily differentiate us from those sneaky scam accounts. This verification badge, a blue checkmark next to the account name, assures followers that they are engaging with genuine MCA accounts.

And always remember a legitimate business account will never ask you to confirm bank account or card details through a social media platform. For MCA, unless you have contacted us first with a query, we won’t ask for your phone number, address, or email through Facebook and Instagram. When interacting with Motor Culture, you can check in comments, posts and messages that the little blue tick is right beside the account name to be sure that it’s us! Checkout some examples below: 

Remember to stay safe online and don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email ( or phone (1800 512 490) if you are ever unsure.

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