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See how we’ve applied our custom partnership approach to some of our current partners. 

case studies


Wrapwise is Queensland’s premium auto-styling specialist. Their boutique, state of the art studios offer comprehensive solutions for Vehicle Wraps, Window Tinting, and Paint Protection amongst an extensive selection of other services.

Wrapwise has been a key partner in styling the Motor Culture Fleet with no vehicle or modification being out of their scope. Just a few of Wrapwise’s most iconic contributions to the Motor Culture fleet would be the Liberty Walk GTR, Liberty Walk Supra, W557 HSV GTS, No Fraud Stage 3 Golf R, Seadoo JetSki & Mercedes G63 AMG. 

  • Increased Brand Awareness & Exposure
  • Organic Placement within Motor Culture Branding & Events
  • Showcase Styling and Service Quality
  • Brand Awareness and direct link to Wrapwise’s Social Media in MCA’s sponsored advertising
  • Customer Engagement through MCA’s Facebook & Instagram stories on Wrap Choices for MCA’s Upcoming Cars
  • Brand Promotion via Special Mention in MCA’s  Giveaway  Campaigns
  • Wrap Wise logo Placement on MCA Fleet
  • Organic Foot Traffic and Enquiries from Cars & Culture Events & Open House Events
  • Brand Awareness through Feature segments in MCA’s YouTube channel & Tik Tok account
  • Association to the MCA Name through Collaboration on Liberty Walk Collection
  • Acquisition of Orafol sponsorship by leveraging the MCA’s Liberty Walk Supra build
  • Wrap Wise’s services chosen as prizes as part of our events which guaranteed revenue & bookings
  • Inclusion in MCA’s Partner Discount Platform that allows Members to access their Products & Services at a Special Rate
  • MCA’s exclusive choice for Vinyl Wraps & styling 


Meredith Metal Works is a leading fabrication and customization company specialising in high-performance metal parts and Custom 4×4 Snorkels for automotive enthusiasts. With a strong commitment to quality and precision, the company prides itself on pushing boundaries in the automotive industry.

  • Increase Brand Awareness & Exposure: Meredith Metal Works primarily aimed to enhance brand recognition and reach a wider audience within the Motor Culture Australia community.
  • Organic Product Placement with Custom Branding & Events: The goal was to establish a notable presence by becoming a central build partner for MCA’s Giveaway Car Builds. This was further reinforced by attending aligned motor culture events such as the first ever 4X4 Weekender Event 2023 without relying heavily on paid marketing strategies.
  • Showcase Service Quality, Performance, and Capability: To demonstrate their superior quality over other brands, performance, and innovative capabilities of their metal fabrication services to potential customers and industry enthusiasts. 
  • Strategic Partnership: Meredith Metal Works collaborated with Motor Culture Australia and seized the opportunity to showcase their products across a suite of top of the range vehicles, tapping into both new and existing demographics to reach a broader audience organically.
  • Content Development: Engaging in visually appealing content showcasing the company’s projects, behind-the-scenes processes, and successful collaborations was created for social media platforms and industry publications. This content highlighted the exceptional service quality and unique capabilities of Meredith Metal Works snorkels.
  • Event Presence: The company actively participated in Motor Culture events, Cars & Culture events and exhibitions with eye-catching displays of their custom metal parts and ongoing projects. They leveraged these opportunities to interact directly with enthusiasts, showcase their craftsmanship, and build relationships with potential clients.
  • SEO and Online Visibility: A targeted approach to search engine optimization (SEO) was implemented to improve the company’s online visibility within motor culture-related searches, positioning Meredith Metal Works as a go-to source for high-performance metal fabrication solutions.
  • Increased Brand Recognition: Through strategic partnership and consistent presence at Motor Culture events, Meredith Metal Works experienced a noticeable increase in brand recognition and awareness among enthusiasts and industry professionals wanting to customise their 4×4’s.
  • Organic Placement: The company successfully secured organic placements in prominent motor culture giveaways ranging from new generation Hilux, Ranger Raptor and Amarok builds. Ultimately establishing themselves as a respected fabricator in the field.
  • Showcased Service Quality: By showcasing their top-tier service quality, performance capabilities, and commitment to innovation, Meredith Metal Works effectively differentiated itself from competitors and attracted customers seeking bespoke metal fabrication solutions.

Through a targeted approach to increasing brand awareness, securing organic product placement in Motor Culture branded events and showcasing service quality and capabilities, Meredith Metal Works successfully positioned itself as a premium player in the automotive customisation industry.

By focusing on authenticity, innovation, and strategic partnerships, Meredith Metal Works was able to achieve its goals and outcomes of driving brand growth in a saturated and highly competitive market.

The strategies implemented by the MCA x Meredith Metal Works Partnership ultimately worked to achieve their goals of increasing brand awareness and exposure within the 4×4 automotive community while simultaneously showcasing their service quality, performance, and off-road capability.

offroad animal

Roaring to Success in the Motor Culture Scene, Offroad Animal is a cutting-edge brand specialising in premium off-road accessories and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts and vehicle customisation aficionados. With a major focus on quality, performance, and innovation, the brand is dedicated to enhancing the off-road experience for adventurers right across Australia.

  • Increase Brand Awareness & Exposure: Offroad Animal aimed to elevate brand recognition and expand its reach within the motor culture community, attracting a broader audience of off-road enthusiasts and industry enthusiasts that wanted to explore new off road products.
  • Organic Placement within Motor Culture Branding & Events: The goal was to organically position Offroad Animal as a leading player in key motor culture giveaway builds, publications, and online platforms without relying heavily on paid advertising.
  • Showcase Product Quality, Performance, and Off-Road Capability: The primary objective was to highlight the superior quality, performance, and off-road capabilities of the brand’s custom bull-bars to resonate with potential customers and emphasise Offroad Animal’s competitive edge within the 4×4 adventure scene.
  • Strategic Alliances & Collaboration: Offroad Animal forged strategic partnership with motor culture australia and prominent off-road influencers to tap into existing networks and further amplify brand visibility within both the motor culture community and local 4×4 scene.
  • Compelling Content Creation: Bespoke and engaging content was created featuring off-road adventures, collaboration builds, product showcases and ambassador testimonials were developed for social media platforms and the brand’s website. This content highlighted the durability, performance enhancements, and off-road prowess of Offroad Animal’s custom bull-bars and versatile product range.
  • Event Participation & Sponsorship: The company actively showcased their bespoke products at the Motor Culture 4×4 Weekender, Cars & Culture events and at showroom exhibitions with eye-catching product display on our collaboration builds utilising their custom bull-bar additions. Ultimately, showcasing their product lineup and sponsoring key events to establish a strong presence in the motor culture scene. These engagements allowed Offroad Animal to get directly in front of motor culture’s 4×4 enthusiasts, demonstrate product capabilities, and gather product feedback directly from the source within the community.
  • SEO Optimization & Online Presence: A targeted SEO strategy was implemented to improve Offroad Animal’s search engine visibility for off-road-related keywords and phrases. By optimising their online content and website, the brand aimed to attract organic traffic and position itself as a trusted supplier for off-road accessories and protective equipment.
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: Through strategic alliances, compelling content creation, and active participation in off-road events, Offroad Animal experienced a notable increase in brand recognition and awareness among off-road enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.
  • Organic Placement Achieved: The brand successfully secured organic placements in prominent motor culture giveaway builds ranging from new generation LC300, Ranger Raptor and Amarok builds. Ultimately establishing themselves as a respected player in the field and gaining further credibility and visibility within the Australian off-road community.
  • Showcased Superior Product Features: By emphasising the product quality, performance enhancements, and off-road capabilities of their offerings, Offroad Animal effectively and successfully differentiated themselves in the market, attracting customers seeking durable and high-performance off-road accessories to add to their prised 4×4 builds.

By implementing a comprehensive strategy focused on increasing brand awareness, securing organic placement in motor culture giveaway builds, event branding, and showcasing product quality, performance, and off-road capability – Offroad Animal successfully positioned themselves as a leading brand in the off-road accessories industry and a force to be matched. 

Through motor culture’s driving forces of authenticity, innovation, and strategic partnerships – Offroad Animal ultimately achieved their goals of reaching a wider audience, establishing credibility, and driving new growth in the competitive custom 4×4 market.

The strategies employed by the MCA x Offroad Animal partnership aimed to achieve their initial objectives of increasing brand awareness and exposure within the motor culture community while further showcasing the quality, performance, and off-road capability of their products.

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