MCA Racing Corner

Welcome to MCA Racing Corner with our state of the art racing simulators

Come try out our Racing Sim fitted out with the highest quality racing gear! Used by professional V8 Supercar drivers such as Todd Hazelwood, Mad Mike, Andre Heimgartner, James Courtney, Jack Kostecki, and Jack Smith!

Professionally fitted with Next Level Racing’s GTtrack Cockpit & 3rd generation Motion V3, these are combined to move the seat in the most realistic and immersive way. The Motion Simulator Platform allows you to feel the G-forces as if you’re driving a real car, and moves incredibly fast for a full immersive experience.

Sitting under the GTtrack racing seat is the Next Level Racing Traction Plus Platform designed to move the whole cockpit to delivery the additional motions that you can only find in a high-end simulator. The Traction Plus Platform allows the whole cockpit to sway, surge, roll, pitch, understeer, and traction loss.

To finish off this state of the art set up, we have the Fanatec DD2 Wheel base, which gives the driver realistic steering wheel feedback, combined with the Fanatec Open Wheel, and GT style rim, B.J Sim Raing Steel Series GT Pedals, Thrustmaster Sparco TSS Sequential Shifter/Handbrake Mods, and lastly to top it off, triple 65″ monitors.

The triple monitor setup allows you to look further into the corner, giving you a truly immersive driving experience, without the discomfort and nausea you get from using a VR headset.

flexible pay as you go

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$ 75
/30 mins session
  • State of the art Racing Simulator
  • Race against your friend!
  • Access to our MCA Members Lounge
  • Access to Pool Table
  • Relax and have a drink on us

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