Checklist before the Event:

Complete before the Event:

  • SPRINTS – Get your Motorsport Australia & Register with The Bend – Click here
  • CRUISES – Complete The Bend registration form – Click here
  • Registration must be completed prior to Friday 04/08/23

On the Day:

  • Have your Eventbrite Ticket ready
  • Head straight to the lobby upon arrival to confirm sign in and for briefings
  • Drivers Briefing at 8:30am on the day (Sprint & Cruise)
  • Wristbands and Sprint/Cruise groups allocations will be issued at Sign-On/Briefings

On the Day:

  • Have your Eventbrite Ticket ready to be presented
  • Complete The Bend registration form – Click here
  • Passengers will receive their wristband at Sign-on in the main lobby

Sprints (Drivers & Passengers)

  • Must bring & wear a Helmet
  • Must wear Long Pants
  • Must wear Long Sleeves
  • Closed-in Shoes

Cruises (Drivers & Passengers)

  • Must wear Long Pants
  • Long Sleeves preferred
  • Closed-in Shoes

ALL Passengers and Drivers must have signed on using The Bends website links in which are supplied upon ticket purchase and order confirmation emails.

Important Info for Drivers

Make sure you receive your wristband and do the briefing to ensure you don't miss a single moment of the thrilling events!

Important Info for Passengers

Make sure you get your passenger wristband and sign on to ensure you get on track with the driver without any delays!

Important Info for Spectators

Get ready for an unforgettable experience from the sidelines! Our team has got your back with all the necessary safety information so you can make the most of your day.

Track Day schedule

Keep yourself in the loop by keeping this schedule handy!

Track Map

Unlock the full potential of the track experience with confidence! Navigate with ease and never get lost with the trusty map at your fingertips

Raffles & Prizes

We'll be giving away awesome prizes on the day! Make sure to be at the MCA tent at raffle time so you don't miss out on winning!

Awards & Trophies

Do you have what it takes? We're shining a spotlight on the standout stars with the presentation of our highly coveted Show 'n' Shine + On Track Awards!

Stunt Shows

On track action isn't limited to just racing, we've got a huge line up of stunt shows for the day! From drifting to Supertruck, you don't want to miss it!

Off Track Entertainments

Our Track Festival isn't all about On-track actions, we've got heaps of off-track entertainments for you and the whole family! From racing simulators, dodgem cars, to live performers, there's never a dull moment!

MCA Chill Out zone

We've got a exciting line up of artists performing at the MCA chill out zone! Designed to compliment the hi-octane action on the track, there's never a dull moment off the track with heaps of entertainments!

MCA Supercar Fleet

Get close and personal with some of the best supercars Motor Culture has to offer. From Ferrari 488 Pista, to Lamborghini Huracan, from Widebody Silverado, to V8 swapped Colorado, these are builds that you won't see anywhere else!

VIP Suite

Take in the Motor Culture Festival with VIP style! Check out all the benefits you get as a VIP Spectator!

Parking & FAQ's

Questions on parking? Or anything else that is related to the Track Day? We will answer them all in here.