Mustang or HSV? Which V8 takes the cake?

Throughout the course of our HSV v Mustang giveaway. I was given the chance to review both cars and whilst doing so, I was able to get a good understanding of how both cars perform, handle, and come to experience the characteristics of them both. Seeing that both the HSV and Mustang are naturally aspirated V8’s. Perhaps Australia’s most popular as well. I saw it fit to go In depth on these cars before our giveaway ends to shed some light on the key specs and features of these cars.

So, the cars we have specifically are the MY15 HSV Clubsport with the SV Performance pack making 340kw and 570nm of torque. Now those are some good numbers and it becomes easy to see why the HSV has had the spotlight amongst Aussie car lovers for such a long time. Its timeless design has worked in keeping it classy. Not necessarily being the most aggressive looking car, the HSV range has given plenty a reason to jump for joy. Our HSV has a 6-speed automatic gearbox and embodies the bright red factory paint.
The Mustang on the other hand packs 306kw of power and 530nm of torque, whilst those are good numbers as well. It does not quite have the punch the HSV does. But where the Mustang really shines is the driver experience which we will get into more as we get deeper into the article. With a 6 speed Manual gearbox and a notorious reputation for loosing control of the rear tyres. The Mustang begs to be driven. The dark grey colour and contrasting features we have added make our mustang one of the best looking out there.

Let us talk more about Performance

The HSV. 340kw and 570nm of torque. A true, raw V8. Not only does the HSV represent exactly what its customers desire. It defines Australian car culture. Being a slightly heavier car, weighing 2267kg. The HSV does feel weighed down and does suffer slight body roll in corners. On the flip side of that. The suspension and luxuries of the HSV that weigh it down also provide a plush and exceptionally smooth ride. And it is that versatility that really holds the HSV to a high standard. You really can drive this car fast and furious or take the family on a road trip with it. When it comes to pure performance, however. It is know let down. With the ability to do a 4.5 second 0-100. And a top speed of 285kmh. The HSV can really deliver satisfaction to the enthusiast wanting to drive the car to its full potential.


But wait, how does the Mustang square up to such a versatile and iconic car? Well, it can hold its own ground that is for sure. Being probably the most notorious car in modern history for crashing into things, and well, people. It is incredibly hard to see how that is possible. The Mustang is undoubtably one of the best handling cars in the NA V8 class. Although ours sits on Pedder’s Xtreme suspension which makes it a handling superstar. Ford has clearly spent a lot of time engineering and designing the mustang to be driven. The pilot seat combined with the driver feedback combines to make one of the best driver experiences possible, especially with the manual transmission. It encourages you to drive hard, faster, and really get up it. And perhaps that is why so many people get carried away and lose control. Regarding power and how fast it can go. Unfortunately, it falls just shy of the powerhouse HSV. Topping at 250kmh and sadly, noticeably lacking in the torque department. The Mustang doesn’t quite have the kick you would naturally expect from a V8 however, its no slow car. 

2nd Prize_ Ford Mustang GT

How about design?

Its pretty much a given that you will know a HSV when you see one. They are such an iconic car that anyone who has ever been to Australia will have seen one. A timeless design that incorporates distinctive styling features and a muscular shape is how the engineers at Holden wanted to bring the HSV alive. It had to be different but not stray to far from the already massively successful Commodore. But that is not even the best part. From the since the introduction of the VF HSV range. The interior design has been stepped up and is now on par with some of the best in the industry. Although HSV was lacking in tech prior to the release of the VF line. It is safe to say that HSV has covered that void now. With the introduction of electric power steering, electric park brake and features such as reverse park assist. Our HSV takes on the all new driver centric model as well. With the drive mode selector and newly designed EDI systems bringing a whole new experience to driving the car.


Cuts, Lines, and a sophisticated design. From every angle, the Mustang takes on a ferociously aggressive look. Our Mustang sits on Pedder’s Xtreme suspension and has electric green painted callipers which together help to give the mustang a stealthy yet classy look. Since the Mustang has been around for so long. Ford wanted to stick true to its heritage but wanted to come out with something new and exciting. They managed to incorporate the classic muscle car style with some new design touches that give it a modern revamping needed to keep up with the cars of today. But its not all about looks. Most of the cuts and styling lines are functional. Whether its to channel air or increase aero. The Mustang has been meticulously designed to be both cool and clever. With what is perhaps one of the best pilot seats in the V8 class. The mustang boasts a fantastic base seating arrangement for optimum driver experience. And then it gives you the ability to adjust your seat, pedals, and steering wheel just enough to find the perfect driving position. 

So which car is better?

Both cars do different things exceptionally well. And both cars can hold their own in this discussion. So the only unbiased way to come to a decision is to strictly compare both cars. So let’s get into it.  


The HSV takes the cake for practicality, comfortability and the power and torque aspect of performance. The Mustang on the other hand takes the prize for Styling, design and driver experience. So it really comes down to personal preference. And in my opinion, the HSV is the better car. Why? It too can provide a fantastic driver experience and has remarkable design and stylistic features. And thus, overall the HSV wins on this occasion.

Stay tuned, We have some cool content coming out for you guys soon!