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Why the Koenigsegg Jesko will be the greatest Hyper-Car ever built, so far… 

So what is it?

On the 3rd of March 2019. Koenigsegg unveiled their newest Hyper-Car, the Jesko. Named after Jesko Von Koenigsegg who, in the early stages of Koenigsegg’s rise to automotive domination, played an especially important role in steering the company in the right direction. Jesko Von Koenigsegg is now in his 80’s and has since retired. Although it remains clear that his attachment to the company is one of undeniable passion and enthusiasm which was visibly on display at the Jesko unveiling during the 2019 Geneva Motor show.

The redesigned heart

The Jesko represents the absolute pinnacle of automotive performance. The mantle once found in the Agera RS has been inherited by the Jesko, but that is where the similarities end. With a newly designed twin turbo V8 capable of exhibiting 1600HP. The Jesko significantly outperforms the previous Agera RS motor and actively benefits from the engineering masterpiece. How? you might ask. It all starts at the core of the motor. Koenigsegg has designed a new crankshaft milled by a small manufacturing house in southern Sweden that weighs just 12.5Kg. Not only does this allow Koenigsegg to produce one of the most powerful engines ever built, but it allows this feat to be done almost effortlessly.

The trend here is obvious. Koenigsegg articulately designed every moving piece inside of its new motor to be as light weight as possible. The pistons weigh only 290 grams. Designed in house by Koenigsegg, it was important to ensure that every moving piece was a light and efficient as possible. Koenigsegg has historically engineered long stroke engines for their cars and the Jesko is no exception. Its rev limit is 8500RPM. At that sort of mechanical exertion, efficient operation is crucial, meaning the lightweight design of moving parts was non-negotiable.

Light Speed Transmission

When you have an engine capable of 1600HP, having a transmission that can handle that level of performance is hard to find. So hard in fact that you need to go ahead and built one yourself. Which is exactly what Koenigsegg did. For the second time, Koenigsegg has developed their own transmission. The Jesko exhibits an all-new 9-speed, multi clutch transmission. A transmission with such a high level of mechanical evolution that innovation of this scale has not been seen since the development of the dual clutch transmission. They have appropriately named their achievement, Light Speed Transmission (LST). The LST consists of 9 forward gears and 7 wet multi-disc clutches, in a package far lighter than any previous gearbox of similar proportions. What makes the LST evolutionary however, is the fact that gear changes can happen in virtually zero time. Literally such a small amount of time that it cannot be recorded by any current piece of equipment capable of recording gear changes. This means the Jesko puts out 1600HP of seamless acceleration.


The Jesko’s power delivery is instant, and menacing. Unlike anything in existence, with the help of millisecond gear changes and a software called UPOD (Ultimate Power On Demand) the Jesko cannot be rivalled. Acting as the brain that links the LST and the 1600HP motor together. The UPOD system allows the Jesko to instantly select the exact gear needed to exert the most power possible as per the drivers input.

A True Drivers car

Being the insurmountable beast, it is. Koenigsegg needed to bring the Jesko back down to earth and design a car that is driver friendly and can be driven on the road. Although Koenigsegg has previously been a class leader in suspension and steering. The sole purpose of the Jesko is to be the greatest Hyper-Car in existence. So, handling had to be redesigned. With an all new monocoque that is 40mm longer and 22mm higher. Drivers will have more legroom and headroom along with a better field of view thanks to the ability to widen the windscreen.

But of course, it does not end there. Koenigsegg developed the triplextended suspension in 2010 for the Agera. Far ahead of its time this design has been tweaked and re introduced to not only the rear of the Jesko but the front as well. With 1000 Kilograms of downforce available the Jesko does not compromise comfort for performance, even when under full aerodynamic load.

Not just a track weapon

The Jesko takes a lot of inspiration from the Agera. At the end of the day, Koenigsegg nailed it with the Agera, so why change it? Apart from the obvious differences. The Jesko conspires to be more aerodynamic and agile while not completely being redesigned. This has been achieved by slightly larger cuts and design lines throughout the Jesko that do contribute to the unique and exciting look of the car. As well as a few engineered air channels underneath the car. The Jesko looks smoother and cleaner than the Agera and that was the intent. Christian said, ‘while the Agera was a road monster, I wanted to keep things simple and true to our ethos. I am very proud of what we have achieved with the new car, but it represents everything we stand for’. As a modest automotive manufacturer. A car that makes 1600HP and defies all logical explanation had to be made to look ‘friendly’ right?



The Jesko provides the ultimate in straight line and track performance. But that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. The interior has been designed with the latest in entertainment technology. With a digital dash and Smart Steering wheel. The Jesko is packed with high tech and luxurious touches. And in my opinion, is one of the best-looking interiors around. The most notable feature perhaps is the fully adjustable driver positioning. With electronic seats, pedals and steering column the driver can find the perfect seating position.

A $6.5 Million Price Tag

The Jesko, is among the fastest and most powerful production cars and showcases revolutionary technology. Technology that simply isn’t available to other auto makers due to the in-house design of the works. With unmatched Handling and precision details such as the UPOD and LST. Although mostly un attainable due to its massive price tag and exclusivity. There have been 2 Jesko’s purchased in Australia, both with a price tag close to the $6.5 Million mark. And thats before options, which are plentiful and expensive. for example, a fully carbon model is available that will set you back a cool $11 Million. The Jesko will, for a long time be, the best Hyper-Car ever made. So far…

But who will trump it? Bugatti, Pagani, maybe one of the big 5? Or perhaps even Koenigsegg again. All we know is the ball is now back in Koenigsegg’s court where it once was for so long with the Agera.