Depreciated Supercars – Bargain or bust?

Depreciated supercars. Bargain or bust?

“Depreciation”, Every enthusiasts least favourite word. While an absolute terror to anyone with a brand-new Maserati in the garage depreciation it could mean good things for you as an everyday motoring enthusiast. This list will explore five of the countries most depreciated supercars and explore if they truly are the enthusiasts dream or an absolute nightmare.

Starting the list is the humble Lotus Evora S. While its specific power output might not be as high as some other super cars its light chassis and exceptional handling certainly make it capable of hanging with the big boys. With an original starting price of around $120k at launch this car was a good choice for enthusiasts, now however, A savvy buyer can pick up a used lotus Evora with options for around $80k, an absolute steal considering the raw driving experience of these cars. Couple that with a well-engineered twin turbo Toyota V6 and you’ve got a relatively reliable supercar.

Second on our list is the Maserati 3200 GT. A true classic and a return to form for Maserati upon its debut, boasting a 320 horsepower through a sturdy V8 engine and a lightweight frame this should be an easy choice especially considering they’ve dropped an incredible $67,864 in value since launching in 1999. Be wary of this one however, as a 21-year-old Maserati expect to pay a LOT of money in maintenance and running costs. These cars while fun have been plagued by plenty of problems over the years. While it is both a fun and stylish choice we certainly would be brave enough to daily drive this one.

Third on our list is a big jump up in power to the mighty roar of The Audi R8. Pushing a very respectable 414 horsepower straight to the rear wheels these cars are A powerful driving experience. An early Audi R8 when knew would run you a whopping $260,000 when new now they can be found regularly selling for around $90k. That’s a staggering $170,000 dollars of depreciation on a car that can run absolute laps around anything new at the same price point. For pure driving and luxury prowess this car gets a big worth it from us.

Now for the big guns. while priced considerably higher this entry also has some of the highest performance and more importantly highest depreciation. It is the Mercedes AMG GT. A truly stunning car inside and out. Offering blistering performance with a sleek modern design this car is a more than worthy choice for this list, it is also much newer than most of the other cars on this list and it Launched with an MSRP of $256k. Since then however, it has lost $86,000 worth of value in the 4 years since its launch. A very wise purchase as this car is destined to become a future classic.

Finally, saving the best for last is the mighty Mclaren 570S, A true testament to automotive engineering this British beast of a supercar smashes out a raw 561 Horsepower pushing you to 100KPH in just over 3 seconds all from the rear wheels, this car is an absolute demon on the track with true exotic stylings to boot. Not only that, but the car has also depreciated an astonishing $146,000 since it’s launch in 2016. If its track performance you’re after this car is the one, Its exotic, its Exciting and its exceptional.