Wrap Academy by Motor Culture

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Wrapping Foundation Course

In this module, we will show the basics and the foundation of wrapping a vehicle. We will show you the tools you needs & how to use them. We will also show you the basic wrapping techniques and step by step on how to wrap a car from start to finish. Buckle in, let’s get started!


Lesson 1: Getting to Know Your Tools Lesson 2: Knowing Your Vinyl Lesson 3: Wrapping the bonnet Lesson 4: Wrapping the Side of a car Lesson 5: Wrapping the rear hatch, front & rear bumper Lesson 6: Wrapping the door handles

Instructor: Sean Galea

Sean has years of experience as a vehicle vinyl specialist. Started out as a sign writer, Sean is now the managing director of Wrap Wise, an auto-styling salon that is second to none, located right in the center of Brisbane! With a bespoke showroom that houses some of the most famous cars in Australia worked on by Sean and his team. Some of his work includes ‘1 of 1 Liberty Walk Silhouette GTR’ in Miami Blue, ‘No Fraud’ Stage 3 Golf R in SuperGloss Sand, and much more!