Bugatti’s secret new X wing

Footage leaked this week that shows Bugatti has been testing a mysterious new model this week as they gear up for a big announcement. As you can see, the model is a track focused, performance car that has been designed for putting in solid lap times rather than all out top speed. It features a compact horseshoe grille, large air intakes and a ventilated hood.
Moving further back, there’s ventilated fenders and aerodynamic bodywork. The car has also been outfitted with a roof-mounted scoop, a race car-like canopy and a central fin. We can also see large side scoops and massive Michelin tires.
Out back, there’s a center-mounted four-tailpipe exhaust system that sits beneath a large wing. The car also has a massive diffuser, X-shaped taillights and an F1-inspired lower brake light which make it look like something from a star wars film.
While the video quality isn’t the greatest, it does confirm a few things about the car. We can te;ll from the audiio that its not electric, which means it will likely have a version of the company’s quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine. There’s no word on specifications for this particular model, but the engine develops 1,479 hp or 1,103 kW in the Chiron.

While we absolutely cannot wait to see this beasts release date and full spec list it looks like its still a while off arriving in any consumers hands so for now the best we can do is watch in awe!